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Graphene Research Lab
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Research Topic

The long-term vision is to develop super-functional 2-dimensional nanomaterials with enhanced physical/chemical & electrical/mechanical properties to overcome the current limits of materials in terms of mechanical strength/flexibility, chemical stability/reactivity, electronic/thermal conductivity, etc.

Research Area:
1. Nanomaterials Synthesis
- Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of CNTs and graphene.
- Large-area synthesis of 2D Nanomaterials.
- Self-assembled organic nanomaterials
- Nanowires & metal-organic core-shell nanostructures

2.Nanofabrication and characterization
- Electron-beam lithography techniques for molecular electronics
- Photolithography
- Low-temperature measurement of electron-transport properties
- Low-temperature measurement of magnetic properties

- High-Resolution Analytical Electron Microscopy
- Scanning Electron Microscopy
- Scanning Probe Microscopy (AFM, SKPM etc.).


  • Ph. D., Chemistry, POSTECH (2002). Experimental Physical Chemistry, Nanochemistry
  • M. S., Chemistry, POSTECH (2000). Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
  • B. S., Chemistry, POSTECH (1998).


  • Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Seoul National Univ. (2011.9~)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University (2007.9~2011.9)
  • Post-Doc., Department of Physics, Columbia University (2004.3~2007.8). Advisor: Philip Kim
  • Post-Doc.,Department of Chemistry, POSTECH (2002.9-2004.2).


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