Taek Dong ChungProfessor
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Current Research Interests
We are exploring the electrochemical wonderland of various interfaces such as nano scale electrode surfaces and biological cell membranes. Nano-interface electrochemistry offers valuable intuition in new energy sources, biosensors and information processes in living organisms. Besides the fundamental approach to what happens at the interfaces, our research is centered on neuro-computer interface bridging between electronics and neuronal network through bilateral bioelectronic junctions and high throughput miniaturized bioanalytical chip system by employing innovative micro-nano machined fluidic technology(lab-on-a-chip) and spectroelectrochemical imaging tools.

B.S. Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea, 1991
M.S. Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea, 1993
Ph.D. Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea, 1997

Research Experiences
2018-present President, Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, Korea
2012-present Professor, Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea
2007-2012 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea
2002-2007 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Sungshin Women¡¯s University, Korea
2000-2002 Postdoc, Laser spectroscopy & Microtechnology group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.A. (with Dr. J.M. Ramsey)
1999-2000 Postdoc, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, U.S.A. (with Prof. F.C. Anson)

Representative Publications
¡°Light-Guided Electrodeposition of Non-Noble Catalyst Patterns for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution¡± Energy Environ. Sci. 8, 3654-3662 (2015).

¡°Modulation of Quinone PCET Reaction by Ca2+ Ion Captured by Calix[4]quinone in Water¡± J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135(50), 18957-18967 (2013).

¡°Hydrogen Atom Mediated Electrochemistry¡± Nat. Commun. 4, 2766-2773 (2013).

¡°Gold Microshell Tip for in situ Electrochemical Raman Spectroscopy¡± Adv. Mater. 24, 421-424 (2012).

¡°Ionic Circuit Based on Polyelectrolyte Diodes on a Microchip¡± Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 48(21), 3830-3833 (2009). (Hot paper, Lab. Chip 9, 1657-1658 (2009) [Research Highlight])

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