There are three types of internal scholarship programs; Tuition Grants for Overseas Students, the Superior Academic Performance Scholarship, and the Work-Study Scholarship. The recipients of the two former scholarships may be partially or totally exempted from tuition and admission fees, whereas for a recipient of the Work-Study Scholarship, money is directly deposited into the recipient's personal bank account each month. These scholarship programs provide funds for the duration of one semester, and students may apply for the funds each semester. There are designated application period for the scholarship: mid -November for the spring semester and the end of May for the fall semester. Exact dates for application to each scholarship program are notified at the beginning of each semester in the 'Notices for Students' section on the SNU website (http://www.useoul.edu).

Tuition Grants for Overseas Students
Undergraduate students with a GPA of 2.7 or above for the preceding semester are eligible for this scholarship program. Applications for this scholarship are accepted at the Office of International Affairs (OIA) of SNU, and scholarship recipients are exempt from tuition fees for the following semester. If a recipient stays out of university without registering as a scholarship student after the selection, the recipient will have his or her scholarship privileges revoked.
While enrolled, undergraduates may be awarded this scholarship up to maximum of 8 semesters. Recipients studying in Korea on the national fund or at the government's invitation may obtain a full tuition waiver, while others may only be partially exempt from paying tuition fees.
Superior Academic Performance Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students with excellent academic performance records. Students who have completed at least four semesters of study and who have earned an overall GPA of 3.6 or above may apply for this scholarship. In an effort to provide balanced study opportunities across discipline, only one undergraduate is selected from each department. If there is no student satisfying these requirements in a department, the applicant with the highest academic record may be selected. However, this scholarship is awarded to students who are not receiving any other concurrent scholarships. SNU issues a Scholarship Certificate for the recipients of this scholarship program. Applications are accepted every semester. For exact dates of the application period, please check the website of your department.
Work-Study Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students in need of extra financial support. Recipients are selected each semester through application procedures overseen by each department. Recipients are required to work 40 to 60 hours every month as an assistant at various institutions on campus such as an administration office or library, which guarantees 6,000 won per hour, and totaling approximately 300,000 won per month. The money is paid directly to the recipient's personal bank account. Unlike other scholarships, students receiving other scholarships may apply for this program. Applications are accepted at the institution of interest; administration office of the department of interest, library, Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), SNU Korean Language Education Center (KLEC) and so forth. Contact Information· Library : http://library.snu.ac.kr/Eng
· GSIS : http://gsis.snu.ac.kr
· KLEC : http://language.snu.ac.kr/english
Glo-Harmony Scholarship for Undergraduate Students
Seoul National University has been newly appointed as the collaborative institution for Samsung Equal Opportunity Scholarship Foundation's Glo-Harmony (Domestic Scholarship for Students of Developing Nations) program. The program will be activated beginning in March 2008. Under this program, 10 newly admitted SNU undergraduate students who are citizens of OECD/DAC recipient countries will receive the scholarship (with a maximum of two recipients from any one country). The full tuition fee will be covered by SNU till graduation, as well as partial living and academic expenses, and air fare will be provided by The Samsung Equal Opportunity Scholarship Foundation's Glo-Harmony. Scholarship recipients will be selected by SNU at the end of each year.
Contact Information· Samsung Equal Opportunity Scholarship Foundation.
· Website: http://www.eopportunity.or.kr
Overseas Koreans Foundation Scholarship
This scholarship is given to undergraduates studying at SNU who have foreign citizenship and have not received a scholarship from any other organization. Applicants must have received at least a 3.0 GPA in the preceding semester. This scholarship is merit-based, but priority is also given to those students in need of financial support. The application period is March to April each year. Recipients are given 2,000,000 won per semester (2007).Contact Information · Overseas Koreans Foundation.
· Tel : +82-2-3463-5322(ext.405) / Fax : +82-2-3463-3999
· E-mail : yhs6543@okf.or.kr
· Website : http://www.okf.or.kr
ASEM-DUO Fellowship Program
Undergraduates in ASEM member countries in Europe are eligible to apply for an exchange fellowship to study at SNU. Funded by the ASEM (The Asia Europe Meeting) members, this fellowship-granting program provides university students, teachers and professors in ASEM member countries who wish to go to Asia or Europe (i.e. Asians to Europe, Europeans to Asia) with opportunities for further study, research or joint lectures. Only a pair of students or teachers between the two corresponding educational institutions, one in Asia and the other in Europe, is exchanged. Contact Information· Website : http://www.asemduo.org
Hansae Scholarship
Hansae Corporation sponsors students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand to study in Korea. Applicants are expected to show sufficient ability to use Korean. Contact Information· Tel : +82-2-3779-0781
· E-mail : srkim@hansae.com
· Website : http://www.hansae.com
Korea-Japan Cultural Association Scholarship
Japanese students receiving an education in Korea are eligible for this scholarship. However, freshmen in the undergraduate program may not apply for this scholarship. The application period is during March each year, and the scholarship amount is 3,500,000 won per an academic year. The scholarship term is for one academic year only; however, scholarship recipients may re-apply in succeeding years for additional support. Contact Information· The Office of International Affairs
· Tel : +82-2-880-8638 / Fax : +82-2-880-8632
· E-mail : sjlim@snu.ac.kr
ATW (Asia in Today's World) Scholarship
Kyushu University in Japan supports SNU students to take free summer semester lectures through the Asia in Today's World (ATW) Program. Applicants should have a GPA of 3.2 or higher, and a TOEFL PBT score of 550 or above. The Office of International Affairs at SNU is in charge of the selection procedure. Recipients are able to take Asian Studies free of charge, and the credit obtained may be acknowledged at SNU. For information about transferring credits, please contact the administration office of your department. The application period is at the end of March each year, and the scholarship amount is 120,000 Yen.Contact Information· Kyushu University
· E-mail : atw_uok@mbox.nc.kyushu-u.ac.jp (Yoshi Takahara, officer in charge)
· Website : http://www.isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/atw>
Rotary Fellowship Program
The Rotary Club provides various scholarships and fellowship programs to advance international understanding and peace through personal contact across borders while developing interclub relationships.Contact Information· Website : http://www.rotary.org
Korean Government Student Loan Program (Government Student Loan)
This program is for a student loan guaranteed by the government, with an interest rate of 6 to 8 percent annum and repayment periods that are much longer than other private student loans. Students may borrow money to cover their tuition fees and living expenses through this loan program. Students who currently hold Korean citizenship and who have obtained a GPA average of 3.01 or above from more than 12 credits in the preceding semester are eligible for this loan. SNU supports undergraduates who are not able to pay the interest on this loan.Contact Information· SNU Service Center
· Website : http://service.snu.ac.kr or http://www.studentloan.go.kr
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