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Research Topic

Our research in organic chemistry is focused on the development of efficient synthetic methodologies related to the synthesis of physiologically important compounds and the advancement of chiral catalysts aimed at practical asymmetric synthesis. Towards this goal, various heterogeneous media for catalyst immobilization are being actively pursued. Another major research interest of our group involves medicinal chemistry programs including the design and synthesis of various receptor ligands and enzyme inhibitors in connection with therapeutic intervention of human diseases such as obesity, depression and cancer. These medicinal chemistry approaches utilizes essential tools such as peptidomimetics and smart library construction.


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Messachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 1988
  • M.S. Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea, 1982
  • B.S. Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea, 1980


  • Research Fellow, MIT, USA, 1988-1990


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