Chemistry is truly the central science and underpins much of the efforts of scientists and engineers to improve life for humankind. The Department of Chemistry is taking a leading role in discovering new chemical synthesis, catalysis, creating sustainable energy, theoretical and experimental understanding of chemistry at its most fundamental level, unraveling the biochemical complexities of natural systems, improving the environment, detecting and curing disease, developing materials new properties, and nanoscience. As science has become increasingly interdisciplinary, fundamental scientific problems focus on the chemical nature of matter. The Department has established several funds that greatly benefit its departmental activities. Contributions from alumni and friends are the dominant source of income to these funds and are critical to the vitality of the department. The Department of Chemistry is extremely grateful for your support.

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Keeping Alumni ConnectedSNU Chemistry alumni are members of one of the most diverse, talented, and invigorating communities in the world. The Alumni Association is a gateway to this community. The Association provides services and resources that strengthen alumni's ties to SNU Chemistry and each other-across every stage of life and around the world. Benefits and services Alumni Association membership has its privileges-and it's free. Take advantage of the benefits and services that are available to alumni. Get involved Use Alumni Association resources to fuel your intellect and access an international network of peers. You can apply for the membership through the following link: (under construction) or by emailing to

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